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Preserving Community for over 25 Years!

"HOMECorp creates & maintains housing that preserves economic divesity and ignites community revitalization while fostering financial empowerment."


HOMECorp’s services are needed because Montclair’s housing prices typically command a premium over neighboring communities — due to the excellent public schools and vibrant multi-cultural community life -- by as much as 25%. This frequently shuts out low, moderate and middle-income families, especially many long-term rental residents who seek to become homeowners.



Since HOMECorp’s 1988 founding:

We have restored and built:

37 Homeownership Units

• 63 Rental Units

We have counseled:

7,000 tenants, first-time homebuyers, homeowners, and landlords

Preserving Community in Montclair for 25 years!

While the recent financial crisis has caused home prices to decline, the stress on individual family incomes has been even greater. Moreover, the continued loss of state, local and federal government funding support has made our mission even more vital.

The Board of Trustees and staff continue to work hard to fulfill our strategic plan, and financial support from both individuals and institutions remains strong. We thank all of our friends, donors and partners for your contributions - of time, money and thoughtfulness. We ask for your continued support in helping us help Montclair.